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Curriculum – PE


At Oakley Cross we are passionate about raising sporting achievement and improving the health and well-being of our all our pupils. Our aim is to deliver a high-quality PE curriculum, as well as offer a wide range of extra-curricular activities. We believe that a rich and varied PE curriculum can improve attainment, attendance and behaviour. In addition, we want to inspire a love of sport in order to raise the level of physical activity of our pupils outside of school. Through our PE provision we aim to develop the skills and attitudes needed for every child to have a lifelong participation in physical activity and healthy living.


We use the PE Hub scheme to structure our PE curriculum and assess the progress made by children. Concepts are broken down into small steps allowing the children to build on previous knowledge. Our physical education curriculum is split into progressive blocks with increasingly challenging and varying situations. Clearly specified learning objectives lead to competence. Children engage in competitive activities against themselves and others to apply their learning and embed character traits.

Physical education is delivered as a subject in its own right, but also through other vehicles such as school sport and physical activity. We have an extensive outdoor provision, which is well used throughout the school day. After school clubs delivered by school staff and external providers supplement the school’s offer and provide opportunities for enhancement and progression.


In EYFS and Key Stage One, children develop fundamental movement skills to extend their agility, balance and coordination. They master basic movements then apply them in team games. Children are also challenged to perform dances and gymnastic sequences.

As children move into Key Stage Two, their application of skills becomes more precise and refined through specific sports and for the school in festivals and leagues within the local area and county. Children learn to recognise the value that strength, technique, control and balance can have on their performance on an individual and team level.


As children progress through Key Stage Two, they receive swimming lessons to develop skills and confidence to reach age related expectations.

PE Overview


In addition, the children attend festivals and participate in sport taster days throughout the year. The children enjoy the opportunity to work with alongside other local schools and have the chance to try new sports.


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